Andy Jones's Profile

Andy Jones: The Creator of the SBI World Map.

Hi there, my name is Andy Jones. I am the creator of the SBI World Map and the SBI Connect website.

I am also an SBI owner (my primary site is and the author of 'Site Structure It!', a tool for use with 'Site Build It!' that lets you easily and quickly create your '3 Tier Blueprint Structure'.

Shortly after I bought SBI I wondered if there were any SBIers local to me but had no way to find out if there were. Not being a quick thinker I completely forgot about it.

It wasn't until about a year later that a similar thread in the SBI forums got me thinking about whether there was a way SBIers could locate each other. Shortly after this the SBI Member World Map was born. The map became pretty popular within a few weeks so I decided to create its very own website (hosted with SiteSell of course) which is where you are now.

Thanks for visiting.